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Talking About Abortion

Everyone has a different worldview about abortions and we can have communications that reflect...

Men Involved with Past Abortions

As a male, were you involved in a past abortion and are experiencing sorrow because of it? ...

Hurt by an Abortion? With Dr. Laura Lewis

Have you had an abortion and are experiencing hurt because of it? Receive ministry from Dr....

How To See Supernaturally

Jesus prayed that God would open the eyes of our understanding. His desire is for you to see....

The Observer Effect

In the quantum there is what they call the observer effect. Basically it is believed that there...

Expect A Great Outpouring

It’s time for the prophetic voices that have been speaking judgment and condemnation to the...

Reaching The Unreachable

No one is unreachable in God!

Gods Liberating Power

Because we believe in restoration with our heavenly Father in Christ, God’s liberating power...

Bearing Fruit In Every Season

Patricia shares scriptural insight on bearing fruit in every season of your life.

Release Your Creativity

You can literally create your world by choice!

Redigging The Wells

Isaac re-dug the wells of his father Abraham. It’s time to re-dig the wells!

Never Give Up

God wants to restore your hope. What do you have in your hand to war with?

Embrace Your Privelige

Paul says to earnestly desire and jealously seek for the blessing of God.

Establishing Memorials

God does great things for His people! Journal these special moments and share them with your...

Key To Revival

Revival is bringing back those things that are dead back to life. We have Him who is revival...

It's Harvest Time

There are always souls to be won for the Lord therefore, there’s always a harvest.

The Presence Of God

The presence of God is tangible. It’s not just thoughts that you have in your head, it’s real.


See The Goodness of God

When we give thanks, we are actually activating God’s goodness in our lives.