Defeating Jezebel

Sep 14, 2018

The spirit of Jezebel has been devastating people, regions, ministries and churches for far too...

How Great Is Your God

May 22, 2016

Patricia King shares how testimonies on how great God is, who is your God.

Learn to See in the Spirit

Aug 2, 2020

A course by Patricia King

Supernatural Life TV - Greater Risk that Brings Revival

Jul 21, 2021

Robby Dawkins is a miracle-working revivalist. He is also one of the greatest risk takers for...

When God Shows Up

Dec 21, 2016

I’ve been reporting on the supernatural for over 40 years, but what just happened in Tel Aviv,...

Folsom Street Compliation 5-24-2020

Aug 1, 2020

Folsom Street Compliation 5-24-2020

Breaking Controlling Spirits

Dec 5, 2017

There is an ancient power intensifying its effort to bring the world under its mind-controlling...

Iris After Hours - Episode 3 With guest Shawn Bolz

Aug 9, 2017

Join Nathan Kotzur and Crystalyn Human for the third episode of the “Iris After Hours” Podcast...

What Your Name Means! 60 sec

Aug 2, 2020

Patricia King on the value of knowing the meaning of your name

Knowledge is Power

Aug 1, 2020

Think through Prayer

Lifeline Today with Dick and Joan, episode 34

Apr 5, 2016

Dick is speaking about what he is sensing for this coming year.

Seeing God for Who He Is

Oct 5, 2016

Bill Johnson has trained thousands to walk in miracles. Now he shares the greatest revelation he...