Deep inside every one of us is a longing to live a life of greatness & to leave a legacy. Lance believes that people who find their God given voice can create access to new levels of innovation & problem solving in the marketplace, society & among nations

Unsanctified Mercy

He who controls the meaning of words, controls the debate.

Develop A Mindset For Success

How to create an attitude of success and then sustain it, regardless of the surroundings.

Media is Mind Control

What has your mind's focus gets your heart.

Shift to God's Kingdom

The battle is on for believers to shift into God's Kingdom thinking about the nations.

Transform Your Life

Learn how your self-talk & focus can transform you - get into God's Holy Ghost Bootcamp.

Want Favor & Influence?-Part A

Receive impartation and truth of how God can change the environment around you! First of a...

Want Favor & Influence?-Part B

Continue to soak in the truths about how God imparts favor and influence your world for Him! ...

Ultimate Goal of Revival

Align your heart with heaven and heaven will come down and change the earth.

Where is God Going?

Insights on what God was during the Lakeland outpouring.

Favor - Part 2

Part 2 of 2. Lance Wallnau talks more about favor.

Favor - Part 1

Part 1 of 2. Lance Wallnau talks about Daniel and his God given ability to capitalize on his...

The Prophet Samuel

Lance Wallnau shares how the prophet Samuel who had to reach beyond the religious sphere to...

Quantum Praying

Prophetic prayer is like being in the present and the future at the same time.

Take Your Mountain

These mountains are available for the church to conquor!